The largest city in all garantunda. There are many shops and inns. Most mercenary organizations are based here.
Here is a list of the parts of the city:

The palace: Here lives the queen of garantunda. She has seven sons but no daughters. This has worried the council of cards. If no femal is born, garantunda will have a king for the first time in centuries and he will have complete power since the council only has power if the ruler is female.
The palace is the largest building in the city. It is made of volcanic rock, to please the god haruma, god of the fire and volcanoes and the main god in the pantheon. It has 37 rooms, six which are for the council and eight are rooms for the queen and her sons. At the entrance there is a huge room and right in front of it is the ballroom. You can invent what the other rooms are used for but I would recommend at least one armory and a stable outside.

The High district: Here is where the nobles and rich people live. The barracks of the guards is also placed here. There are three inns here, The rich prince, the king of beer, and the queenling’s cave, noticeably all named for a position in the royal family.

The merchant district: Here is where the shops are. You can invent as many shops as you like but you have to include two. The magician’s lab is, as the name suggests, a shop for magical potions and ingredients. Many mages come here to buy there ingredients for there rituals but some non-arcane people come to buy healing potions. the shop has gotten pretty popular in the last month.

The low district: Here is where most people live. There are maybe hundreds of inns and taverns here. Invent whatever names you like. The mage guild is located here and is the second most powerful organization in the city.

The mercenary district: Here are all the organizations are located. All of the most important ones are explained in my wiki page called (Insert wiki page later). Please take a look.


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